Make My Business 'Instagrammable'

Häagen-Dazs, the ice cream giant, recently unveiled some of their newest designs for a completely reimagined brand. Their one request to the agency they brought on board; make us Instagrammable.  

Now this may seem like a silly request to some but unless you’ve already made the pilgrimage to Mars and currently reside on a giant red rock, you should have noticed that Instagram has become a huge driver for both brand and sales in the FMCG world. According to TechCrunch, Instagram hit 1 billion monthly users in June 2018, after hitting 800 million monthly users last September. The majority of those users are in the 18-24 year old category, followed by the 25-34 year category. That’s right...the millennials.


Now Häagen-Dazs is a huge, multi-million dollar company with deep pockets so suffice it to say they were able to dig deep with massive budgets and huge ad spend. However I’m more interested in the smaller brands, the startups, and the one-man shows. I’d like to see how they can navigate the world of Instagram with the hopes of making a huge impact, getting noticed, and helping grow their business.

  1. Create a space, whether it’s physical or online, that represents your brand and be consistent. You want consumers to recognize your brand and to do this you need consistency throughout all of your mediums. Website, social media and in-store (if applicable) should all tell the same story and represent the same characteristics. You can always tell when you see an Apple product, whether it’s in-store, online or on the tube - you know it’s Apple just by looking at it. That’s the goal.
  2. Be creative. If you do have a physical location, you have the opportunity to build a space that is completely ‘Instagrammable’. I’m still so surprised when I go to a beauty salon and they don’t have a selfie light, camera and designated space to show off the services they’ve just provided you. Such a wasted opportunity to show off your creative flair! A great example of how to get it right is London’s local bakery, Peggy Porschen. Their page is great but how they have really achieved success is by creating a space just outside their shop that is completely on brand and built for Instagram photos. They encourage everyone from bloggers to influencers to passers-by to take a photo and tag their location. It has recently been named one of London’s top five most Instagrammable places by TravelPlug.
  3. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Make sure you are creating content to attract your desired audience. One of the issues that Häagen-Dazs faced was that their brand felt “unapproachable and unattainable” which was preventing them from connecting with their desired audience and making them look dated. Their goal was to build more of a personal connection with their customers to ensure they were top of mind - especially with the disruptive new brands entering the market.
  4. Follow the rules of the gram. There are reasons beyond a great image as to why some companies get a ton of followers and great engagement. Instagram, like any social platform, has certain tricks and hacks that allow you to reach more people, engage with people outside of your network and ultimately create a following of potential customers.

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Now go on, and do it for the gram!